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Umanni Insights

With Umanni Insights allows you to continuously evaluate any aspects of your organization's life. Use the app to:

  • Promote engagement and climate management
  • Exchange real-time feedbacks, apply surveys (pulse)
  • Foment forums and content, with moderation options and anonymous submissions.
  • Adapt to your company specific needs
  • Use it along other systems or independently

You will have access to precious information: reports with various metric options, with instant update. There are more than 15 graph charts types.

Now you can give a voice to your employees with safety and quality. Stimulate the culture of continuous assessment in your work environment.

Umanni App (Coming soon)

Pursuing more productive groups and people development?

Umanni App is a tool designed to develop people and groups through real-time feedback.

  • Create a public or private theme group of your choice
  • Give feedback on skills within these topics
  • Feedbacks can include ratings, texts, audio and images
  • Using the app generates the data you need to develop people and groups

Exchange feedback through the Umanni App with your friends, family, colleagues, coworkers, partners, and groups in general. Promote the human and professional development of those involved.